El Menu

Our philosophy

The kitchen team, formed by chefs José Rehak, Manuel García and Gerardo Santana have created a menu using the best and freshest produce for each season. Like Head chef Jose says «we have great respect towards Spanish cuisine and we get inspired from the traditional cooking from the north of Spain. When we were kids, our family from Galicia made the most delicious dishes for us and we strive revive those memories from childhood».

The best quality produce

All this is appreciable in the quality of the raw materials, the delicacy of our handling and dedication in the preparation of extraordinary dishes such as Basque fish, paellas, the rib steak from Ávila, roasted suckling lamb from Segovia and many more. On the other hand, we have a large assortment of national and international dishes to satisfy our guests.



Tapas | Starters

#Tapas Frias | Cold tapas

#Tapas Frias | Cold tapas
##Aceitunas con aliño de la abuela
**Large Spanish olives

##Chupito de gazpacho de mango con pinxito de queso tierno
**Shot of mango gazpacho

##Boquerones a la vinagreta con pimientos asados
**Pickled anchovies with garlic and roasted peppers

++Chef Selection
##Ensalada con piñones, queso cremoso de cabra y vinagreta de miel
**Salad with pine nuts, creamy goat cheese and honey

##Ensalada canaria con mezclum de hojas, canónigos, queso fresco, miel de palma y frutos secos
**Canarian salad with mixed lettuce, lamb´s lettuce, fresh goast cheese, palm honey and mixed nuts

##Tabla de quesos artesanales
**Assortment of artisan cheese

++Chef Selection
##Tabla de jamón Ibérico de bellota
**First-choise cured Iberian ham “pata negra”
==€17.00 / €24.00

#Tapas del mar calientes | Warm seafood tapas

##Gambas al ajillo
**Sizzling spicy garlic prawns

##Langostinos al grill con alioli negro
**Grilled King prawns with black alioli

#Tapas calientes | Warm tapas

##Papas arrugadas con mojo rojo
**Small unskinned potatoes with spicy red mojo sauce

##Papas bravas
**Sauté potatoes with spicy tomato sauce

##Pimientos de padrón
**Deep-fried small green peppers, with coarse salt

Alitas de pollo
**Chicken wings

++Chef Selection
##Panceta de cochino al grill con salsa de mojo rojo
**Grilled pork belly (panceta) with red mojo sauce

##Chistorras al vino blanco
**Grilled sausage, served in a wine reduction


##Sopa del día
**Soup of the day

##Pochas con almejas gallegas
**Traditional Spanish white beans soup with fresh clams from Galicia


##Ración de pan gallego
**Portion of bread

##Ración de alioli
**Portion of aioli (garlic mayonnaise)

##Pan con ajo
**Crispy garlic bread

##Pan con tomate
**Toasted bread drizzled with olive oil, soaked with tomato flesh

Pan con tomate y Jamón Ibérico de bellota
**Toasted bread drizzled with olive oil, soaked with tomato flesh and topped with cured Iberian ham

##Pan la caña con tomate natural, mantequilla de ajo, jamón ibérico y queso manchego
**La caña bread with fresh tomato, garlic butter, iberian ham and manchego cheese

Main courses


##Salmón noruego fresco a la bearnesa con puré de papas casero y verduras salteadas
**Grilled Norwegian salmon with bearnaise sauce, fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes

##Pescado fresco del día
**Fresh fish of the day

#Paella (aprox 25 min.)


++Chef Selection

##Paella de pescados y mariscos (min. 2 personas) Precio por pers.
**Paella with seafood (min. 2 people) Price per person

##Paella mixta (min. 2 personas) Precio por pers.
**Paella with meat & seafood (min. 2 people) Price per person

##Paella Vegetariana (min. 2 personas) Precio por pers.
**Paella with vegetables (min. 2 people) Price per person


##Hamburguesa con queso, rúcula y papas fritas cortadas a mano (D.O. Uruguay – 200gr)
**Beef cheese burger and rocket leaf served with homemade chips (DO – Uruguay, 200 gr)

##Pechuga de pollo fresca de corral al romero y ajo (D.O. Galicia)( aprox25 min.)
**Pan fried Free range chicken breast with rosemary and garlic (Spain, DO – Galicia) (25 min)

++Chef Selection
##Chuletón (D. O. Ávila madurado 28 Días)
**Rib steak of beef (DO – Spain, Ávila, matured 28 days)
==€6.00 / 100 gr

++Chef Selection
##Pierna cordero lechal al horno con salsa de romero y ajo (D.O. Segovia)
**Roasted leg of suckling lamb roasted with garlic and rosemary (DO – Spain, Segovia)

##Verdura: verdura de temporada salteada con mantequilla y estragón
**Portion of vegetable: seasonal fresh vegetables sautéed in butter and tarragon

##Las carnes van acompañadas de guarnición a su elección:
**Papas fritas cortadas a mano, puré de papas caseras o papas arrugadas.

Pizzas & pastas

##Margarita: tomate, queso y oregano
**Margarita: tomato, cheese and oregano

##Sofia: tomate, queso, calabacín, gambas, parmesano y pimienta negra
**Sofia: tomato, cheese, zucchini, prawns, parmesan and black pepper

##Española: tomate, queso, jamón ibérico, tomate cherry y rúcula
**Española: tomato, cheese, cured iberian ham, cherry tomato and rocket leaf

++Chef Selection

##La caña: tomate, queso, tiras de solomillo, champiñones, pimientos y nata
**La caña: tomato, cheese, fillet steak strips, mushrooms, roasted peppers and cream

**Pasta fresca (servidas con tagliatele al huevo)
**Fresh pasta (served with tagliatele al huovo)

##Pasta a la boloñesa casera
**Homemade bolognese

##Pasta carbonara
**Pasta carbonara

##Pasta con verduras salteadas y pesto genovés
**Pasta with sauteed vegetables and «Genovese pesto»